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Our Mentoring Program

Helius provides coaching and mentoring for our clients. This service begins with the ideation phase and continues through the opening of your business. Already a business? We can help take you to the next level. As long as you're a qualifying business, we can provide this service at no cost to you. Our coaches and volunteer mentors have extensive entrepreneurial experience and are ready to assist!

Our Microloan Program

Helius has a small microloan program that we can use to help our clients. These small, short-term, low interest loans are in place to provide project-related capital for businesses that are on the edge of success and need that one small push. The program will even report your on-time payments to help our clients build credit.

Business Socials

No person is an island, and we can't do it all by ourselves. That's why Helius believe in putiting people together to discuss ideas, to expand our knowledge, and to make potential partnerships and connections. Our bi-monthly social events allow members of the small business community to share their knowledge, while the rest of us get to know one another a little bit better.


The Helius Foundation has partnered with LaunchRALEIGH to bring you a training program like no other. Over the course of eight weeks we'll be teaching how to refine your product, determine your core customers and how to reach them, creating financial tools for your business, and how to look for funding. By the end of these eight three-hour classes you will have a working business plan and be on your way to opening the doors of your business or reaching even more customers than you were before!
Connell Green is doing his BEST!
Learn about one of our amazing clients, Connell Green, founder of Connell's Best. Learn why everyone associated with Helius loves what we do!