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Prosperity in Durham and Beyond (ReCity)

​​​February 7, 2017: At ReCity, we have committed ourselves to telling the story of Durham. We believe it is an essential part of our vision of building thriving communities, rooted in justice. Part of telling that story involves taking a realistic look at the history of our city and looking at whose voices have been systematically left out. Earlier this month, we hosted Accelerating Shared Prosperity, a ReCity Roundtable event with five speakers instead of one.

Look over some of the questions that were sent in during this event!
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ReCity Roundtable

​​​February 7, 2017: Durham is a city on the rise, but is that tide lifting all boats? Listen to part two of Accelerating Shared Prosperity, a community conversation featuring several local change-agents who are bridging the ownership divide and cultivating a Durham where everyone can thrive.
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Prosperity in the City with Sherry Taylor

​​November 26, 2018: Geraud had fun with this intereview with Sherry Taylor of Properity in the City. We talk about necessity-driven entrepreneurs, passion, and how to make a difference through mentorship. As she puts it on her site:  "Join Prosperity In the City as we discuss the power of Entrepreneurship as Economic Development with guest Geraud Staton of The Helius Foundation. Find out more about changing neighborhoods with business owners!" ​​

Prosperity In the City streams every Monday on at 1:30 EST/ 12:30 CT.​​

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Adding Equity to Entrepreneurship

March 27, 2018: Durham is a city on the rise, but is the rising tide truly lifting all boats? Learn from serial entrepreneur and innovator Geraud Staton about how The Helius Foundation is intentionally adding equity into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and building pathways to prosperity for all.

The ReCity Roundtable is a monthly TED-style speaker series that uses the power of story-telling to spotlight community leaders who are tackling complex social issues through innovation and collaboration.
Launch Durham - Clarion Content article by Josh Factor
February 1, 2018: Maintaining financial stability as an entrepreneur can oftentimes be a daunting task, but it is going to be getting slightly easier thanks to a local organization. The Helius Foundation is developing Launch Durham to help small businesses get on top of their finances and thrive in an unforgiving global marketplace... Continue Reading


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