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Support those individuals throughout Durham who are fighting to make a difference in their families!

"We see an America where everyone has the capability to support themselves with dignity, in the face of racial, educational and financial inequality."

As of 2015 the poverty rate of Durham, NC is 23.1%, with almost 28% of all children living in poverty. However, many of these families are fighting to change that, to move their families to a place where they earn a fair living wage and can gain self-sufficiency. These Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs (NDEs) are men and women who have created their own businesses in order to make ends meet. Entrepreneurship has been the way to wealth for many Americans, but these strong individuals aren’t seeking wealth. They just want to earn the fair living wage that so many take for granted. They are single parents, justice involved individuals, people who were unable to complete their education or who grew up in lower economic households. They are incredibly capable individuals who aren’t given the chances at jobs that could earn them a dignified, fair-living wage.

You can help to level the playing field. The Helius Foundation believes that every Durham citizen should have the capability to support themselves and their families with dignity, in the face of racial, educational, and financial inequality. Helius does this by providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring for NDEs throughout Durham. We have also partnered with LaunchRALEIGH, the City of Durham, the Rotary Club of Durham, the Kauffman Foundation, and so many others to LaunchDURHAM. Over the course of eight weeks we'll be teaching how to refine their product, determine their core customers and how to reach them, creating financial tools for their business, and how to look for funding.

It is only through your support that we can continue this work. We appreciate your commitment to making Durham the city we have always known it could be.

And thank you so much for your support.

Geraud Staton, Executive Director
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Connell Green is one of our amazing clients. His story is inspiring and proves that we can achieve anything we set our minds to. We look forward to helping him grow even further in his business!

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