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A Story of Dragons
Financial security is a struggle for most people in the United States. Even for those who have attained financial security, it can be a struggle to maintain it. Financial security is akin to a Kingdom with abundant resources and education. It’s a place where our children can grow up to be healthy and strong and intelligent and unafraid. Naturally, getting to the Kingdom isn’t without struggle. “Here, there be dragons!”

Still, most of us are armed with the armor of our education, and the weapons of privilege. We are able to, if not slay our dragons outright, at least protect ourselves long enough to get to the Kingdom of Financial Security. It isn’t always easy, but with some dedication and hustle we are often able to make the journey.

But for many individuals, skirting these dragons is not only difficult, it can be impossible. That’s because the arms and armor that most of us take for granted are not gifted to these individuals. The single mother doesn’t have time, the undereducated don’t have the knowledge or contact base, and those lower on the socio-economic scale are lacking entire sections of armor. Their dragons are no harder than anyone else’s. But they are fighting without weapons or protection in many cases. It’s no wonder that no matter how hard they fight, they never seem to get ahead.


Our Mentoring Program

Helius provides coaching and mentoring for our clients. This service begins with the ideation phase and continues through the opening of your business. Already a business? We can help take you to the next level. As long as you're a qualifying business, we can provide this service at no cost to you. Our coaches and volunteer mentors have extensive entrepreneurial experience and are ready to assist!

Our Microloan Program

Helius has a small microloan program that we can use to help our clients. These small, short-term, low interest loans are in place to provide project-related capital for businesses that are on the edge of success and need that one small push. The program will even report your on-time payments to help our clients build credit.

Business Socials

No person is an island, and we can't do it all by ourselves. That's why Helius believe in putiting people together to discuss ideas, to expand our knowledge, and to make potential partnerships and connections. Our bi-monthly social events allow members of the small business community to share their knowledge, while the rest of us get to know one another a little bit better.

Kids' Entrepreneur Clubs

Starting with our pilot program at Lakewood Montessori, we believe that entrepreneurial growth should be a multi-generational approach. We work closely with kids to teach them the power of hard work, the security of self-sustainability, and how working together toward a common goal can help create and shape their vision of the world. More workshops and clubs are happening every month!
Connell Green is doing his BEST!
Learn about one of our amazing clients, Connell Green, founder of Connell's Best. Learn why everyone associated with Helius loves what we do!
Our Team
Our staff, board of directors and our advisors shape the work that we do at the Helius Foundation. None of our work could happen without these amazing entrepreneurs, business folks, and volunteers.

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Our Partners
We don't do this work alone. There are many in the community that have helped us grow, and who have folks in need. See the people that we work with more often, and learn what you can do to help them, if you so desire.

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Our Supporters
We'd like the thank so many people who have donated to our organization, including businesses that have helped us raise money or helped us build small businesses throughout the community.

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